Opinion: Snail Mailing with Pen Pals is Awesome

If you’re anything like me, sometimes texting or responding to emails can feel overwhelming. It carries too much an expectation of an immediate response. There’s not enough time to really think about what I want to say or how to say it. In a capitalistic society that monetizes time, the feeling of urgency is especiallyContinue reading “Opinion: Snail Mailing with Pen Pals is Awesome”

Back to School: Teacher Perspectives No. 3

If I learned anything from last year is that a lot can happen in such a short time. Recently, I had to manage and learn how to survive an unexpected blizzard in the middle of Texas! Everything can change within a day- the way you live your life, the way you think, and the wayContinue reading “Back to School: Teacher Perspectives No. 3”

Opinion: “Fake” Diversity in Literature

I’m going to preface my opinion by saying this post is not going to be one of those blogs that vilifies the practice of diversifying characters, or claims that Black Indigenous Person of Color (BIPOC) diversity “replaces” or “displaces” white characters. Mostly because that sentiment ignores power dynamics, history, and root causes of practices thatContinue reading “Opinion: “Fake” Diversity in Literature”

The [Book] Case for ThriftBooks

Do you use Amazon to purchase books? We get it. It’s cheap and easy, and generally has a fast delivery. We use it, too! There’s lots of reasons to use Amazon, and plenty of reasons to not use Amazon. But consider this: instead of helping Jeff Bezos and Andy Jassy win Monopoly, try the Modcasters’Continue reading “The [Book] Case for ThriftBooks”

Indulging in language, navigating analysis, and more…

Language has been an ever-growing interest for me throughout my academic career at St. Mary’s University. As a fourth-year undergraduate student alongside a first-year graduate student in the Combined Degree program, I’ve taken every opportunity to work with language.  Before getting into how I am working with language today, let me catch you up… DuringContinue reading “Indulging in language, navigating analysis, and more…”

Leigh Ann’s Recs No. 5 – The Nobility and Excellence of Women

Marinella ridicules men’s arguments for the defects and vices of women by making equally preposterous arguments for the fact that women are actually superior to men, and that it is men who are defective and vindictive—more so than women.

The Language of the Lost Generation: Fitzgerald & Hemingway

Introduction         The research that I have done is to explore and distinguish the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. I analyzed six sentences from the texts of The Great Gatsby and The Sun Also Rises. By looking at the writing style and grammatical syntax from both texts, we see how similar and differentContinue reading “The Language of the Lost Generation: Fitzgerald & Hemingway”

Analyzing Prescriptive Grammatical Differences Between the Psalms

Last December I decided to challenge myself to read the entire bible in a year.  Several months into my journey, I felt a huge shift within myself and was able to connect to what I was reading on a much deeper level.  Fast forward a few months to August; the start of my semester takingContinue reading “Analyzing Prescriptive Grammatical Differences Between the Psalms”

Skin-Crawling Tension: The Writing Styles of Poe and Lovecraft

It is no secret that H.P. Lovecraft greatly admired Edgar Allan Poe. Once, H.P. Lovecraft even identified Poe as a strong influence on his writing, saying, “When I write stories, Edgar Allan Poe is my model” (The H.P. Lovecraft Archive). With a quick read through each author’s works, that influence is clear as both PoeContinue reading “Skin-Crawling Tension: The Writing Styles of Poe and Lovecraft”