The Chronotype of the Victorian Fabula in Jane Eyre

by Ghadah Alfualyj This blog post explores how Charlotte Brontë crafts a feminist chronotope within Jane Eyre, from within the Victorian fabula of the hero’s journey, from Gateshead to Thornfield. With a thorough analysis of Jane Eyre, it appears to me that Brontë’s narrative is deeply focused on the chronotope, what Bahktin calls space-time, inContinue reading “The Chronotype of the Victorian Fabula in Jane Eyre”

The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins Review

Will I ever stop talking about Jane Eyre? The world will never know. Just kidding, the answer is no because here I am talking about it here again on the blog. Now I swear to you I did not go looking for this book, this book came on to me. All I did was lookContinue reading “The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins Review”