Ranked: Deaf Characters in Fiction (UPDATED)

When it comes to representation in literature, deafness is very rare. So I decided to go on a quest to find as many fiction books as possible portraying deaf characters, and rank these representations from best to not-best by genre.

Poem: “Lip-Reading” by Leigh Ann

It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle  With no reference picture and, sometimes,  With no edge pieces.  I stare hard at moving lips, always a phoneme  (or two, or three, or four) behind the conversation,  While my brain plays the matching game  With puzzle pieces that constantly change  Colors and shapes and get lost among Continue reading “Poem: “Lip-Reading” by Leigh Ann”

Leigh Ann’s Recs No. 4 – Song for a Whale

“Can you imagine that?” Ms. Alamilla asked. “Swimming around for all those years, unable to communicate with anyone?”


She said something else about frequencies, but I wasn’t paying attention anymore. I looked through Mr. Charles, as if I could still see that whale on the screen. Blue 55 didn’t have a pod of friends or a family who spoke his language. But he still sang. He was calling and calling, and no one heard him.