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Once upon a time, we were graduate students in the English Literature and Language program at St. Mary’s University (TX). The Modcast was born under the auspices of this program, and, even though we have all gone on to other things–PhD programs, the publishing industry, and parenthood, to name a few–the Modcast continues. This is us.

Left: black and white photo of a young white woman smiling, her hair brushed back from her face and falling over her shoulders. Text on the right reads: Carrie Villarreal. Book Recommendation: Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. Bio: Just a girl and her poetry trying to find meaning in the infinite arrangements of 26 letters. A red-headed bookworm and self-proclaimed word-nerd. Intrepid graduate student and English teacher extraordinaire.
Left: photo of young white woman with short brown hair smiling, wearing a pink and white flower crown with trailing pink ribbons. Text on the right reads: Leigh Ann Cowan. Quote: At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done. Then they begin to hope it can be done. Then they see it can be done. Then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago. Quote attributed to: Frances Hodgson Burnett in The Secret Garden. Bio reads: Deaf. Gay. Stressed. Funny (let me have this, please). Forever student. Reading and writing too many books. World domination (planning stages). No verbs allowed.
Photo of a smiling young woman with long wavy brown hair and wearing a dark turtleneck. Text on the right reads: Lane Riggs. Book Recommendation: Book recommendation: Tracks by Louise Erdich. Or anything Edna O'Brien. Bio reads: Always working in her garden, reading a book or watching horror movies. Hispanic and proud. Reformed Android user. Cat mom. Hopeful lifelong learner.
Photo of a smiling young white woman, head cocked slightly to the left. She is wearing red lipstick and black eyeliner on her top lids, and has a stud nose piercing. On lock of curly blond hair can be seen framing the left side of her face. Text on the right reads: Forest LeBaron. Book Recommendation: [blank.] Bio reads, "A coffee, tea, wine, and book addicted individual. I spend my time reading or painting currently. You can find me in a chair, paintbrush sticking out of my ponytail with a smear of paint on my cheek as I stare absently into the creative abyss. Also I live for mustaches.
Headshot of a smiling young woman with shoulder-length black hair, side parted. Text reads, Diany Mares Lingsch. A bibliophile who tries to read as many books as she is able to. An avid writer who posts her poetry on Instagram. A dog lover who loves drinking coffee. Last but not least, a proud Hispanic who teaches high school English.

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