Writing A Rhetorical Analysis On Grammar Strategy: Repetition

by Andrew Klebahn Knowing how to approach a Rhetorical Analysis essay begins with understanding what it is.  In a rhetorical analysis essay, we seek meaning and comprehension in a nonfiction passage by directing our focus on the author’s rhetorical choices in grammar strategies, patterns of speech, and in juxtaposition to other writings. Here, we areContinue reading “Writing A Rhetorical Analysis On Grammar Strategy: Repetition”

Rhetorical Grammar in Their Eyes Were Watching God and The Bluest Eye

By Amy Guajardo Through the rhetorical grammar lens, what differences and similarities can be found between the two novels The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison and Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston? The Bluest Eye, written in 1970, follows the life of a young African American girl named Pecola. Our main character’sContinue reading “Rhetorical Grammar in Their Eyes Were Watching God and The Bluest Eye”

Analyzing Prescriptive Grammatical Differences Between the Psalms

Last December I decided to challenge myself to read the entire bible in a year.  Several months into my journey, I felt a huge shift within myself and was able to connect to what I was reading on a much deeper level.  Fast forward a few months to August; the start of my semester takingContinue reading “Analyzing Prescriptive Grammatical Differences Between the Psalms”

POC Writers & Award Winners

The two pieces that I chose to do my analysis on were the first paragraphs from two different POC novels. I choose to use these pieces because they set the scene for the two novels Paradise, by Toni Morrison, and The God of Small Things, by Arundhati Roy. Coincidentally, before I decided to use theseContinue reading “POC Writers & Award Winners”

Manipulating Verbs: Active and Passive Constructs in Fiction

Throughout this past semester, I became interested in the difference between active and passive voice and how they can determine the tone of fictional writing. Due to this interest, I decided to take one paragraph from Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor and one paragraph from White TigerContinue reading “Manipulating Verbs: Active and Passive Constructs in Fiction”