The Modcasters are accepting submissions for blog posts! Please see below for guidelines and instructions.

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These are the types of blogs we accept and publish:

Tell us what you’re reading! Why did you choose this work?

What book(s) would you recommend? Or, what book would you not recommend? Why?

Hypocriticisms: Double Standards in Literature – What double standards do you notice in the book you’re reading/have read, if any?

Op-Ed: Do you have a strong opinion about literature, linguistics, and/or accessibility? Tell us about it!

Essays: Have you analyzed a work (literature, films, video games, etc.) based on literary themes or language practices?

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Pieces should be between 250 and 500 words.

If the post includes images, copy and paste the source link below the image. (If the image is yours, note that!) In addition to source links please include image descriptions/alt text. Learn how write alt text here.

If the post includes non-image source links to outside pages or references, please include hyperlinks or (parenthetical links).

Please include an “About Me” of no more than 100 words at the end of your blog post. If you want to include a headshot, feel free to include (plus alt text).

Note: alt text, links, and About Me do not count towards final word count.

Submit your post to The subject line should begin with “SUBMISSION” to make sure we see it!

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Other Things

Want to contribute to the Modacst in a different way?

Do you have a suggestion for us? A prompt idea? Want to cover an event for us? Want to interview the Modcasters or ask permission to use our content?

Please contact us at to pitch your idea and/or request permissions!

Questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions!

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