Announcement about the Deaf Fiction Blog

Hi there! Those of you who are subscribed to the Modcast in order to keep up with the monthly update to my deaf characters in fiction ranking will need to subscribe to Leigh Ann’s site to get updates for it. I (Leigh Ann) had planned to continue updating on both the Modcast and on myContinue reading “Announcement about the Deaf Fiction Blog”

(We’ve moved!!) Ranked: Deaf Characters in Fiction

When it comes to representation in literature, deafness is very rare. So I decided to go on a quest to find as many fiction books as possible portraying deaf characters, and rank these representations from best to not-best by genre.

Hypocriticisms: Double Standards in Literature No. 7

Welcome back to Hypocritisms, the series in which we list a few double standards we find in literature! If you’ve ever read a book, you might have noticed that sometimes there are some double standards.  All kinds. It’s not limited to gender roles or sexuality. Just like in real life, you see discrimination for aspectsContinue reading “Hypocriticisms: Double Standards in Literature No. 7”

Writing A Rhetorical Analysis On Grammar Strategy: Repetition

by Andrew Klebahn Knowing how to approach a Rhetorical Analysis essay begins with understanding what it is.  In a rhetorical analysis essay, we seek meaning and comprehension in a nonfiction passage by directing our focus on the author’s rhetorical choices in grammar strategies, patterns of speech, and in juxtaposition to other writings. Here, we areContinue reading “Writing A Rhetorical Analysis On Grammar Strategy: Repetition”

On My Bookshelf: Community Recs No. 9

I just finished reading the book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” written by Mark Manson. The book was a fantastic read! I appreciate that it took a new perspective to self-help. As a college student reading self-help books and learning the habits of successful individuals has been critical in helping me understandContinue reading “On My Bookshelf: Community Recs No. 9”

Pandemic Pivot: A Long Hiatus

It has been a very long while since the Modcast has been active, we know, we know. Ironically, we have gotten together a few times to discuss our direction and schedule, and then these plans just sort of faded away, like the light in Boromir’s eyes after his valiant, redemptive sacrifice. (I’ve been watching LordContinue reading “Pandemic Pivot: A Long Hiatus”

The Importance of Wearing a Mask During a Pandemic: There are Benefits!  

by Richard Ramirez We must remember the benefits of masking as a win/win because we are able to protect ourselves and we can protect each other. We get an opportunity to be heroes to one another. COVID-19 does not discriminate against anyone. An article by Katarina Buchkovska says, the virus does not discriminate and canContinue reading “The Importance of Wearing a Mask During a Pandemic: There are Benefits!  “

The Socialist Hero: The Chronotope of E.L. Voynich’s ‘The Gadfly’

by Ryan Cooper The Gadfly, a novel by Ethel Lilian Voynich published in 1897 marked the birth of the  paramount socialist hero for the coming century. Not only would the novel go on to be one of the  most popular novels in the Soviet Union, selling over two and a half million copies; it wouldContinue reading “The Socialist Hero: The Chronotope of E.L. Voynich’s ‘The Gadfly’”