The [Book] Case for ThriftBooks

Do you use Amazon to purchase books? We get it. It’s cheap and easy, and generally has a fast delivery. We use it, too! There’s lots of reasons to use Amazon, and plenty of reasons to not use Amazon. But consider this: instead of helping Jeff Bezos and Andy Jassy win Monopoly, try the Modcasters’Continue reading “The [Book] Case for ThriftBooks”

Hypocriticisms: Double Standards in Literature No. 1

If you’ve ever read a book, you might have noticed that sometimes there are some double standards.  All kinds. It’s not limited to gender roles or sexuality. Just like in real life, you see discrimination for aspects like age, religion, justice/law, race/nationality, nepotism, and so on. In this series, we’re going to point out some double standards in some of our favoriteContinue reading “Hypocriticisms: Double Standards in Literature No. 1”

Leigh Ann’s Recs No. 5 – The Nobility and Excellence of Women

Marinella ridicules men’s arguments for the defects and vices of women by making equally preposterous arguments for the fact that women are actually superior to men, and that it is men who are defective and vindictive—more so than women.

Leigh Ann’s Recs No. 4 – Song for a Whale

“Can you imagine that?” Ms. Alamilla asked. “Swimming around for all those years, unable to communicate with anyone?”


She said something else about frequencies, but I wasn’t paying attention anymore. I looked through Mr. Charles, as if I could still see that whale on the screen. Blue 55 didn’t have a pod of friends or a family who spoke his language. But he still sang. He was calling and calling, and no one heard him.

POC Writers & Award Winners

The two pieces that I chose to do my analysis on were the first paragraphs from two different POC novels. I choose to use these pieces because they set the scene for the two novels Paradise, by Toni Morrison, and The God of Small Things, by Arundhati Roy. Coincidentally, before I decided to use theseContinue reading “POC Writers & Award Winners”

On My Bookshelf: Community Recs No. 5

This book is very significant and important to our modern culture. An anthology of writings I read at the University of Hawaii is called Rolling the R’s by R. Zamora Linmark. It is also in anthology style that follows the same plot with different chapters written in different ways. Some chapters are poems, some are dialogue, andContinue reading “On My Bookshelf: Community Recs No. 5”

On My Bookshelf: Community Recs No. 4

A Woman in Charge by Carl Bernstein In A Woman in Charge, Carl Bernstein gives us a portrait of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s unique life from her early college years, to Yale Law School where she meets and falls in love with Bill Clinton, to her life in Arkansas, to her role as First Lady, intoContinue reading “On My Bookshelf: Community Recs No. 4”

Lane’s Recs 2

I don’t always read science fiction (or even particularly enjoy the genre), but I will say that I enjoy The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin, which is incidentally my first experience with Le Guin. I thought the novel would be incredibly daunting, yet it’s proven to be an incredibly interesting and fun read, andContinue reading “Lane’s Recs 2”

On My Bookshelf: Community Recs No. 3

I really enjoyed reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho because the story is more than just turning lead into gold. This story describes the adventure of a shepherd who finds his treasure, but gains infinitely more than a chest of jewels. The storyline itself is simple. A shepherd from Spain named Santiago goes on aContinue reading “On My Bookshelf: Community Recs No. 3”