Since we’ve been on our hiatus, I’ve been working towards my Ph.D. in Literature at Oklahoma State University. I’ll admit going into the program I had no expectations, and I honestly had no clue what was in store for me. I was in a new state, I had no friends, no family, and even worse I couldn’t bring my cats with me. I was completely alone. I had support with my Modcast family, which definitely helped.

I can say that I’ve found enjoyment in being in my new program and finding that balance of working and relaxing.

I think that since this pandemic began, no one knew what to expect. There were transitions within our group, the Modcast, that really made us slow down.

I don’t necessarily think that we expected it.

Some of us left the state, some of us graduated, and some of us changed jobs. But all of us felt the pressure of everyday life. That’s why I think we collectively decided to take a break from our job as the Modcast. Coming back to the Modcast kind of feels like home, it’s comfortable, warm, and welcoming. When we took our break, I don’t know if we thought that we would be able to jump right back in, but we did and we are.


Published by modcasters

We’re a group of graduate students studying English Literature and Language on a mission to discuss literature, provide access to those on the deafness and/or blindness spectrum, and rock mustachios.

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