The Undeniable Horrors of Reading…

Look, I’m just saying reading is hard. Reading is hard because most of the time it’s not accessible.

Meanings are too intense, too hard to grasp, too much to handle!

I try. I mean technically I have to try being a student of English Literature. But, most of the time I barely scrape by. I can’t find anything to read, or I feel guilty for reading something that is not on the syllabus.

But, there’s a turning point. Sometimes you find a book/novel that is so undeniably amazing that it takes precedent over everything in your life, including sleep. Maybe food, but you always need a snack at the half point mark (insert shrugging emoji here).

Now, I’m not speaking about any book in particular; I’m talking about every book. The reason i say this is because, everyone has a book out there waiting for them to fall in love with.

This has given me such joy to think about as I trudge through a new semester in a new state, all by myself.

Live and let’s read! 🙂

Published by modcasters

We’re a group of graduate students studying English Literature and Language on a mission to discuss literature, provide access to those on the deafness and/or blindness spectrum, and rock mustachios.

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