Hypocriticisms: Double Standards in Literature No. 4

Welcome back to Hypocritisms, the series in which we list a few double standards we find in literature! If you’ve ever read a book, you might have noticed that sometimes there are some double standards.  All kinds. It’s not limited to gender roles or sexuality. Just like in real life, you see discrimination for aspectsContinue reading “Hypocriticisms: Double Standards in Literature No. 4”

The Concept Lies in the Subtleties

A sonnet from Shakespeare’s original Romeo and Juliet and a translated version will be used to analyze the function of affixes and how they are used to create new meanings and alter the context of the play. By looking closely at how affixes are used within the framework of the sonnet, we can then concludeContinue reading “The Concept Lies in the Subtleties”