Ball and “Chain of Iron”

Once again I am back to writing another rave review about my recent reading conquest. Recently author Cassandra Clare came out with the second book in The Last Hours trilogy. Now, some won’t know or maybe have not heard of Mrs. Clare, or her work, but I’m warning you now, I AM OBSESSED.

I have been reading her entire series’ since 2015. I grew up with these books, I’ve pre-ordered, cried, thrown books across the room, and have been left empty and bereft at the loss of this amazing world.

As it stands, Cassandra (I wish we were on a first name basis), has created the Shadowhunter Chronicles, fueling YA readers with enough content to read again and again. The newest addition to the Shadowhunter world is Chain of Iron (CoI).

CoI is filled with demons, ghosts, heroines, heroes, LGBTQ+ representation, people of color, and treacherous love. Our main character is a strong woman who follows her passions and she is surrounded by other women who ascend above the patriarchy that surrounds them to be the best warriors they can be, no matter the jobs that they do. Of course, we were also left with a few cliffhangers which is to be expected of this series. To make sure that I do not spoil anything for anyone I will keep this recommendation short and sweet.

This entire series is also another book/group of books that I re-read every year, usually around the time when Cassandra is about to release a new book. Since there are so many novels in the Shadowhunter world now I have to stick to only re-reading once a year, otherwise I’ll spiral into an obsessive whole of needing every bit of information I can find.

I give this book a 20/10 mustachios


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