Episode 0: Intro


Carrie: Hello, listeners and scholars and general lit-nerds. Thank you for joining us on the start of our new endeavor here at St. Mary’s University here in San Antonio, Texas. 

As an extension of Sigma Tau Delta, we are venturing into the brave landscape of podcasts. 

I am going to be one of your hosts, Carrie Villarreal. I am a grad student here. 

And joining me are:

Leigh Ann: I am Leigh Ann Cowan another graduate student;

Forest: I’m Forest LeBaron another grad student; 

Dr. Hill: I’m Mary Lynne Gasaway Hill, fearless moderator of Sigma Tau Delta;

Lane: and I am Lane Riggs, yet another grad student. 

Carrie: Yes, so, that’s kinda who we are on the surface, but I think if you join us on this journey going forward you’re going to find out maybe more than you want to know about this group of girls here.

I just want to briefly just talk about why we are doing what we’re doing. 

What we’re really trying to do is we are really trying to turn podcasting into mod-casting. 

And what is mod-casting might you ask, well it’s kind of like a mini, modified, podcast that kind of bridges together this idea of information with accessibility.

‘Cause really what we want to do is, we want to–for all students, regardless of whether they are part of the Deaf Hard of Hearing community, they’re not a lit major, or they just generally are not sure about this whole 21st century technological world, that they can access literature through this innovative use of podcasting, so that we can talk about literature in a way that brings people to the books themselves.

We really want to develop a voice to pursue scholarship ourselves and to really just tell the human story. 

Because that’s really what this is all about. 

And so we hope that you will join us going forward. Thank you. 

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